African Peer Review Mechanism “APRM” is a mutually agreed instrument voluntarily acceded to by the member states of the African Union “AU” as a self-monitoring mechanism. It was founded in 2003.

To put it in a plain language, this is a monitoring instrument established to review leaders’ performance and how they have advanced good governance on the African Continent. It has only recommendations structure on how to improve governance, but there has no implementation structure or mechanism for the recommendations.

So far, only 37 African countries out of a possible 55 have acceded to it, and only 21 countries have been reviewed since its establishment; with little implementation or the lack thereof of any of its recommendations.

Nobody remembers it holding to account any leader of the member countries ever since it was established.

We the people have therefore decided to do them the honours, starting with Nigeria and South Africa. This is one of the many series to be published under the column, African Peer Review Mechanism.


Due to alleged sabotage by a staff of ESKOM, the State owned Electricity Corporation of South Africa, there have been load shedding and rationing of electricity supplies in and around the country which continued for about one week. Such has never been experienced in the 25 years of democratic dispensation in South Africa.

On the 10th of December 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa flew to Egypt on a visit for official businesses ranging from economic to political relations between both countries. On the 11th December he returned to South Africa to attend to issues of national importance. 

It is a national crisis that there have been intermittent blackouts in the country.

His visit to Egypt was meant to be for about three days or so, but he deemed it necessary to cut it short because of the sudden disruption in electricity supplies in his country. He had only stayed in Egypt for one day out of the planned three day visit.

Juxtapose the same situation in Nigeria; who cares if there is no electricity. For over 5 decades Nigeria has refused to build the necessary infrastructure to generate enough electricity at least for domestic consumption. The industries in Nigeria have now factored in separate budget for standby generators, which resulted in the flight of most of the manufacturing companies that were there before the mayhem started. 

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was presidential in his decision to return home, unlike the frail and clueless Major General Muhammadu Buhari whose old age and health doesn’t qualify him to be addressed as a president of any country. He would rather feign ill health so to further stay far away from the geographical area currently known as Nigeria. A country he claims to be its president.

First and foremost, those countries that he runs to for shelter don’t like to see him, they consider their respective countries to be tainted by his mere presence. One of such countries had labeled him lifeless, and lifeless he certainly is.

It makes me wonder why he is still occupying such an Honourable seat in the Presidency. He doesn’t belong there in the first place because he was never qualified; he belongs in those overseas hospital beds that he frequently goes to hibernate.

That he prefers to escape from his duty post is enough ground for him to be relieved of his duties, if indeed he has any, because he had long abdicated his responsibilities to some bunch of inept old men whose sole occupation is to hang anyone found to be speaking truth to power. These are the same gang that had brazenly hijacked some else’s mandate during the recent general elections in Nigeria.

Ever since Buhari occupied that very sacred office, he has not failed to desecrate it, either by direct ignoble conducts of his or by delegation. He relishes it. 

The world witnessed how he eroded the Legislative Arm, the Judicial Arm and the Executive Arm of government in Nigeria at different occasions.

He obviously doesn’t understand what it means to occupy the Presidency; he sees it as a place where family meetings are held. Little wonder why the only people that are seen there fighting and tearing each other to pieces are his family members. The other day a video that went viral revealed how his wife and others were held hostage in the Presidency.

Another video evidence revealed how his cousin Mr Daura who used to head the State Security Service had instructed masked gunmen to go disrupt the activities of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is the Legislative arm of government for crying out loud.

Recently another of his kinsmen had sent masked gunmen to go violate a court while it was in process. This is the Judicial arm of government. All Buhari did afterwards was to treat those family members to a sumptuous banquet in the Presidency and using public funds. 

I am happy therefore to conclude that a presidential disposition is that which President Cyril Ramaphosa had recently demonstrated at a time of national crisis, it is therefore befitting to call him My President.

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