I guess we can no longer contain the Frankenstein we have created of these Nigerian politicians.

We confer on them high sounding names that are taller than the tower of babbel, they as a result see themselves as demi-gods, irreproachable, and untouchable thieves.

In a normal society, every public servant is answerable to the citizens, and must be responsive to their demands promptly.

Remember the principles of a social contract?

But the opposite seems to be the case in Nigeria.

LAW SUIT AGAINST NIGERIA: Letter of Demand To China Exim Bank

The allocations of these loans are fundamentally and constitutionally flawed both in
substance and in form. This also shall be ventilated in the law suit.

In the circumstances, we have been instructed to demand from you, as we hereby
do, an undertaking within 14 days from the date hereof, that you will do the following:

(a) suspend the disbursement, alternatively, cancel the approval of the loan to the
Nigerian government until such time as it has revised and/or amended the manner it
intends to allocate the loans so as to include projects in the South East of Nigeria,
which projects shall directly benefit the Igbos;

(b) as a condition, tie the loan repayment to the region of Nigeria that inherits the
projects, as Nigeria flounders and threatens to break up; and

(c) In going forward, kindly ensure that all projects are valued and open-bid for, following
international best practices to ensure standard quality and fair cost. The present
Nigerian government is prone to project cost inflation, and future generations are not
obligated to pay for fraudulently inflated costs.
Failing which, we hold instructions to join you as a Defendant party to the planned
law suit against the Federal Government of Nigeria. We shall take this matter to its
logical conclusion, even if it means going to the International Court of Justice “ICJ”

We say so because we do not guarantee the repayment of these loans by the other
Federating Units of Nigeria in so far as the deliberate discrimination against the Igbos
in Nigeria persists.

In fact, the Igbos shall not be participating in the servicing and repayment of these
loans, as a matter of principle, fact and law.

The Igbos shall enforce this position and their resolve within the ambit of both
domestic and international laws, unless and until the obligations to repay the loans
are tied to the various projects in their various locations. The loan beneficiaries must
pay that which they have consumed. Period.

The Igbos shall not be held liable for these loans, not now and not in the future. We
will not mortgage the rights and interests of our future generations for something they
neither partook in nor benefited.

We hope you find the above in order as we await your prompt reply.


The South African Ministry of Transport, has an Agency called the South African National Roads Agency Limited “SANRAL” This agency is in charge of everything and anything that have to do with roads construction, management thereof, including entering into contracts with private sector investors in roads.

The majority of the highways are tolled, which is a system that guarantees return on investments for private sector investors. This is one of the reasons South Africa has one of the best roads networks in the world. The availability of road infrastructure in any economy is vital for the desired economic development, which results in growth, prosperity and everything good for its citizens.

You can only imagine what would happen should there be need for emergency medical services in the absence of good roads networks in any country. Death, and crippling of productive citizens of course, including the rich and the poor.

Cardinal Anthony Okojie On Boko Haram

One of the biggest lies ever told by any government in the history of Nigeria is that Boko Haram has been “technically defeated”. Boko Haram has not been defeated. It is, in fact, waxing stronger. Any government spokesman, presidential media assistant or service chief, who says that Boko Haram has been defeated, will be answerable to God for every life that Boko Haram has destroyed. Nigerians have the right and duty to interrogate government on the level of insecurity in this country. But instead of honest responses, they are insulted by Presidential spokespersons who combine insolence and mendacity.