The 12 Sharia States in the North of Nigeria had long repudiated the so called constitution the period they all imposed sharia law, even to  the blatant disregard for the skewed constitution. 

I really am hazy as to why we still make reference to the same constitution as a binding legal instrument shared amongst the “federating states” There is no federation, it’s only on paper. 

There is no constitution, this is the reason buhari and co do not respect it. 

Therefore, any person that voices any other thing in opposition to the system they have arranged for themselves, is arrested and charged for either treasonable felony,  or outright treason. Whereas, they are the ones to be arrested and be sent to jail.

They are conscious of the legal implications of what they did on the day they all passed into law, sharia – “They are no longer part of any pseudo federation is the statement they made at the time”. 

All we need do for the time being before we all agree to restructure, or secede is to secure our homeland forthwith. 

Benue State example in passing into law, Anti Open Grazing Bill must be pursued now with vigor. Oyo State, recently had followed suit. What are other states waiting for?

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