One of the reasons we have bad leaders in Nigeria or bad leadership is because we deify the rogue leaders, and they, in turn, carry themselves as demi-gods.

We confer on thieves who occupy our public offices with high sounding chieftaincy titles and placed them higher than infallibility as though impeccable is not in their nature. Yet they loot our treasure and wreck our economy on a daily basis.

We elevate their ineptitude to a level so high that they now can shit on us, and we say mmmm, very tasty. We want more, we want more, we want more. That is the reason they are returned to power in subsequent elections.

They have been so protectively treated that anything they say or do is holy, and any attempt by anyone of contradiction is deemed sacrilegious.

Imagine a simple exercise of gathering ourselves to pressure the leaders to pass into law the Anti-Open Grazing Bill is so daunting and onerous a task that it can only take the heavens to come down and do it for us.

Not to even mention that we no longer know how to get them to do their primary assignments, which is service delivery.

The above and many more anomalies are why we have bad leadership in Nigeria. It is self-inflicted.

We must take back our destiny from them. It’s time to fight back people!

Awake Nigeria!

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